Suzana’s Summer Ham Salad


1 lb. Isaly’s ham, sliced and cut in Julienne (1/16 x 1/8 x 1½”)
2 potatoes
4 oz. black raisins
2 oz. carrots
2 green apples w/ no seeds – sliced 1/3” thick (12 slices per apple)
2 tomatoes, plum
3 tbsp. Mascarpone Cheese
2 tbsp. mayonnaise
10 oz. Parmesan Cheese, grated just prior to making bowls
Bunch of parsley leaves
Bunch of green onions
TT Olive oil, salt, black pepper
1 cup Balsamic reduction (see below)
Bunch of green mix salad
½ c. oil
3 tbsp. melted butter
2 tbsp. sugar
Parmesan Cheese Basket for serving (see additional directions, below)


1. Simmer the black raisins in sauté pan with a little bit of water. When water starts boiling remove pan from heat and let set for a while.
2. Take the skin off and the seeds out of the tomatoes. Dice as brunoise (1/8×1/8×1/8). Spice with olive oil, salt and black pepper. Leave on side after done.
3. Take the skin off of the potatoes, carrots, then shred. The carrots leave on side. Fry the potatoes until they are light brown, and season with K-spice and leave on side.
4. Chop the parsley leaves and cut the green onion in small side rings and put in medium bowl with drained raisins, mayonnaise and mascarpone cheese (mixing them together); then add julienne ham and brunoise apple.
5. Take the sliced green apples (6 slices per portion) and coat the apples with mix of oil with butter. Remove excess oil and butter; then sprinkle with sugar. Grill them on both sides for few minutes until they have grill marks on both sides. After they are grilled, cut them in half and leave on side to cool down to room temperature.
6. Make the Parmesan cheese baskets (four) in Teflon pan.
7. Mix the carrots with all ingredients and, using a small measurement cup, place a scoop of the salad mixture into cheese basket. Garnish on top with seasoned tomatoes and the fried seasoned potatoes.
8. The balsamic reduction is first garnished onto the plate in concentric circles; then the basket with salad is placed on top, in the center of the balsamic. (See photo).
9. Alongside the salad garnish with green salad mix that has been brushed with light vinaigrette. Place the grilled green apples in front of the green mix.

Balsamic reduction directions:

Balsamic reduction is done to taste and thickness. It depends on how high the heat is (low heat recommended) and what type of balsamic is being used. The reduction goes from a sweet/tart to burnt pretty quick if you are not paying attention to it. I will sometimes take if off and cool it down and check the thickness and taste and then if necessary put it back on to finish it. It should be sweet/tart and slippery to the touch before it is cooled down. When it is cool it will thicken more but the taste stays the same. The reduction is usually by ½ to start with.

Parmesan Cheese Basket

Use a high quality Parmesan cheese and grate just before making the bowls.

Heat a 10” nonstick skillet over medium to high heat. Sprinkle ¼ of the shredded Parmesan into the pan in a “disk” shape. Keeping the cheese a little “lighter” around the edges of the disk will make this basket look “lacy” on the edges. When the disk is just golden on the underside, carefully remove it with a spatula and your fingers for balance.

Very quickly, drape your disk over desired shaped cup or bowl while still warm and bendable. Make sure the golden side is “up”. Press down lightly on the disk so it assumes the shape of the upside-down cup or bowl to form a basket-shape. Let the basket cool (can sit for several hours). Continue making until you’ve formed four Parmesan baskets.