The Isaly’s experience at Your Family Table

From our beginnings in the early 1900s, the Isaly family and its successors have pursued one mission: bringing deli and dairy products of consistent freshness, purity, and unbeatable flavor, made according to original Isaly’s recipes to your family table. We are best known for our “signature” products, Original Chipped Chopped Ham, Original BBQ sauce, and Old Fashioned Whitehouse Cherry Ice Cream. For everything you want to know about Isaly’s favorites, including recipes, fascinating history, and much more, browse this site.

Isaly’s Ice Cream is back!
Now available at your local grocery store.

I live in Florida now and have yet to meet anyone from here who has heard of chipped ham barbeque. Sounds impossible!! I grew up in New Kensington, PA, and have very fond memories of the Isaly’s on 5th Ave. I dearly loved the chipped ham and Rainbow Skyscrapers. I have got to find some chipped ham!!!

Vicki Mansfield

My husband worked at the Isaly's store in South Hills Village in the 70's. I walked in there with a friend to buy chipped ham and a cone and it was love at first sight. Sounds silly, but here we are married 42 years and have 2 sons and a beautiful family. Every year that we are blessed with an anniversary, we celebrate with Isaly's chipped ham sandwiches and a Klondike with our family. We miss the skyscraper Whitehouse cone. What a tradition Isaly's is for our family, and what a blessing walking into the Isaly's store to meet the love of my life and best husband and father ever. Praying we win the train set, what a part of our yearly celebration this would make for our family. Thank you Isaly's for all the years of tradition you have been part of in our family. Happy New Year!

Barbara Martincic Oakdale, PA

Isaly's chipped ham is like the best childhood memories between 2 slices of bread!

Erik Jones McKees Rocks, PA

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