Recipes & Memories


Recipes & Memories

It’s not just the unbeatable freshness and real-ham flavor that have won over generations of families in Isaly’s Country. Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham is so easy to prepare in so many great ways: for quick meals, school lunches, picnics, snacks – even fancy hors d’oeuvres.

Over time we’ve invited Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham lovers as well as young chefs from The Pennsylvania Culinary Institute to share their own favorite serving ideas and recipes. And now those recipes are yours.

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Quick and Easy Recipes from Isaly’s Fans

Recipes from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute

Quick and Easy Recipes from Isaly's Fans

Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham Barbecue Sandwich

Diane’s Isaly’s Delight - Diane Hutton, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Hot Ham Hoagies - Rita Smrek, Boardman, Ohio

Chipped Ham and Noodles - Rita Smrek, Boardman, Ohio

Easy Ham Roll-Ups - Laura Boone, Canfield, Ohio

Rosie’s Sandwiches - Carol Beck, Ambridge, Pennsylvania

Cathy’s Ham & Cheese Sandwich - Cathy Jones, Stow, Ohio

Ham and Swiss Squares - Rose Knight, Girard, Ohio

Al and Chris’s Swiss Hammy Pocket - Al Sabo, Tallmadge, Ohio

Zippy’s Breakfast Pouch - Al Sabo, Tallmadge,Ohio

Becky’s “Uh-Oh, Company’s Coming” Sandwich - Becky Ruane, East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My Favorite Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham Sandwich - Marie "Sis"Malackany, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania

Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham Scramble - Karen Maletic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham Sandwich Casserole - Ruth Everitt, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Yummy Chipped Chopped Ham and Egg Dogs - Delores George, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Holiday Cheese Ball - Roberta Gates, Columbiana, Ohio

Simply Awesome Ham Hors D’Oeuvres - Mary Pringle, Pittsburgh, PA

Crescent Rolls With Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham - Lucille Cardone, Allison Park, Pennsylvania

Burger Beater - Rocco Serrao and family, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Elaine’s Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich - Elaine Goss, South Euclid, Ohio

Isaly’s Chipped Ham Scramble, Italian Style - Joseph A. Baudo, Jr., Lyndhurst, Ohio

Isaly’s Creamed Chipped Chopped Ham Over Biscuits - Judy Wunderly, McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Pita Pocket

Open-Faced Sandwiches

Italian Hero

Breakfast Quickies

Creamed Chipped Ham Over Toast

Fran’s Chipped Chopped Ham, Rice & Spinach Casserole - Fran Machi, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches - Susan Stone, Cleveland, Ohio

Quick-Fix Sandwiches For Six - Jacqueline Polchak, Youngstown, Ohio

Josh’s World-Famous Egg Sammitches - Josh W

Aunt Dee’s Party Sandwiches - Rosemary Gregg

Aunt Toot’s Best Ham BBW - Chris Hebrank

Oven Hamwitches - June Stoeber

Sue’s sandwiches

The Tuscan – Good Taste! Pittsburgh 1st place

Sharpie’s Favorite Sandwich – Good Taste! Pittsburgh 2nd place

Isaly’s Tasty Surprise – Good Taste! Pittsburgh 3rd Place

Mom’s Delight

Sizzle Burgers

Aliquippa BBQ Ham

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Recipes from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute

Caribbean Sweet Potato Pancakes w/ Pineapple-Mango Salsa

Chipped Ham & Vegetable Quiche - Tonya Malone

Fiery Citrus Glazed Ham & Tropical Salsa on Orange Biscuits - Christine Shipe

Chipped Ham Tuscany* - Evan D. Blocker *Award Winning Recipe

Hawaiian Gyro - Ashlie Garcia

Heaven’s Rolls - Heather White

Hot and Spicy Ham and Cheese Sauce - David Long

Isaly’s Chipped Ham Jambalaya - John Seegers

Isaly’s Ham and Vidalia Onion Tart - Robert M. Gyorko

Isaly’s Ham Taquitos - Joe Belardi

Southwestern Ham & Cheese Cornbread w/dried fruit compote - Mathieu Beizille

Sweet & Spicy Hawaiian Ham Sandwich - Tiffany Allen

Apricot Sunshine Ham Rolls with Warm Red Wine Vinaigrette - Josephine Norton

Chipped Chopped Ham Nacho Roll - Susan Evangelista

Baked Ham Popeye with Roasted Pepper Garlic Cream - Andrew Pearce

Gringas with Papaya & Peach Salsa* - Casandra Vazquez *Award Winning Recipe

Spinach, Artichoke and Ham Spread - Amanda Goodman

Sun-Dried Tomato, Ham and Cheese Spread - Amanda Goodman

Ham Fritters with Garlic Sauce - Adam Mika

Sweet and Spicy Mango Ham Salsa - Randal Cameron

Western Style Ham Enchiladas (Snack) - Anthony Nolasco

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Isaly’s Chipped Ham - Brandon Agostinelli

Mari’s Chipped Cake Towers - Jeff Le'Sure

Deviled Ham Dip for Chips - Jessica Glaister

Isaly’s Hot Ham and Cheese - Laura Gasper

Isaly’s Chipper Stickers - Jeffery Culkin

Pierogi (Potato & Cheddar Cheese & Isaly’s Chipped Ham) - Lindsay Jasonowski

Deep Fried Ham, Macaroni and Cheese Balls - Tim Dominick

Suzana’s Summer Ham Salad - Suzana Deist

Isaly’s Chipped Ham & Asparagus Quiche w/ Fresh Fruit - Charles J. Fratz

Ham and Cashew Stir Fry - Katherine Jayne

Ham & Pepper Roulades with Sweet & Spicy Pepper Sauce - Timothy Reese

Hamelon with Cool Melon Sauce - Alixe Ingoglia

Isaly’s Appetizer Platter* - Keisha Eyster *Award Winning Recipe

Monte Cristo Brochette w/ Sweet & Hot Pepper Marmalade - Nate Wainright

Pirate AK’s Overstuffed Chicken Breast - A.K. Kutrufis

Rustic Chopped Ham Pretzel w/ Raspberry Honey Mustard Glaze - Alex Theisen

Stuffed Mushrooms with Crab and Isaly’s Chipped Ham - Ashley Darling

Tortilla Ham Wrap with Blue Cheese Dill Sauce - Anthony Baker

Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham Gumbo - Krystian Zielinski

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