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“I Remember Isaly’s”

The Making of a Family Tradition

Swiss dairy farm scene that hung in Isaly's stores

Swiss dairy farm scene that hung in Isaly’s stores

The story begins in 1833 when Swiss cheesemaker, Christian Isaly and his family crossed the seas with his family to join other Swiss settlers in the picturesque hills of Monroe County, Ohio. Packed with their belongings was Isaly’s most precious possession: his copper cheese kettle.

Generations of Isalys carried on the family trade, expanding from cheese making to dairy farming, and delivering bottled milk from house to house in horse-drawn carts. Eventually they formed Isaly’s Dairy Companies to sell farm-fresh dairy products and a wide variety of fresh deli meats and cheeses through Isaly’s own chain of retail stores in Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

A tradition was born as families streamed in on warm summer evenings for the now legendary “Skyscraper” cones, hand-packed ice cream, butter, cheese, baked ham and bologna and, of course, Isaly’s signature Chipped Chopped Ham.

The tradition goes on

Times have changed. Family operated dairies are a thing of the past. Today, only a few Isaly’s stores remain, operated by individual licensees. But the tradition remains.

In the 1980s, after the Isalys family retired, the brand was bought by Isaly’s’ longtime provisioners and friends, the Deily family of western Pennsylvania–keeping the brand, in essence, “all in the family”. The Deilys have recommitted to preserving original Isaly’s recipes and original Isaly’s quality. Today Isaly’s deli meats and cheeses meet steady demand in food chains and independent stores all over Southwest Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia-and beyond.

Today’s “Isaly’s Nation”

The famous copper cheese kettle

The famous copper cheese kettle

Once a fan, always a fan! People who’ve moved away from Isaly’s Country make a point of taking Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham back to their new hometowns. Pittsburgh Steeler Clubs around the country have Isaly’s Chipped Chopped Ham shipped in for big games. And people who live where Isaly’s is sold just keep going back for more -not just Isaly’s Original Chipped Chopped Ham and Barbecue Sauce but a whole line of Isaly’s Deli Hams, Turkey, and Cheeses. Did you “Remember Isaly’s” when you shopped this week?

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