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About Isaly’s

Isaly's famous storefront

Isaly’s famous storefront

A legendary name in deli and dairy products

Say the name “Isaly’s” anywhere in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, – or wherever families from this area have migrated – and folks will tell you, “I remember Isaly’s.” They’re likely, too, to tell you stories like these.

“I go as far back with Isaly Chipped Chopped Ham as with my first teddy bear. It was my favorite lunch meat when I was girl and I still buy it today.” Judy Hlister, Mount Lebanon, PA

“My husband has cousins in New Jersey and New York…and when we go up there we always take them Isaly’s Chipped Ham. They grew up with it and that’s a treat to them.” Becky Ruane, East Pittsburgh, PA


Isaly’s Homewood store,  east of Pittsburgh, 1932

Isaly’s Homewood store, east of Pittsburgh, 1932

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Starting in the early 1930s, Isaly’s deli and dairy products were sold exclusively in Isaly’s own chain of bright, white-tiled stores with “Isaly’s” written large above the doors. Now, with changed lifestyles, those stores are mostly a fond memory. But the Isaly’s brand of meats and cheeses lives on, in supermarket delis and convenience stores throughout Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, parts of Maryland and Virginia, too. Generation after generation, the brand remains a family tradition.

Isaly's store with a crew of servers, 1932

Isaly’s store with a crew of servers, 1932

Recognized, traditional quality

From our beginnings in the early 1900s, the Isaly’s family and its successors have pursued one mission: bringing your family deli and dairy products of consistent freshness, purity, and unbeatable flavor, made according to original Isaly’s recipes.

Isaly’s is probably known best for our “signature” products, Original Chipped Chopped Ham, along with our Original BBQ sauce.

A Tradition of Trust

Your trust has to be earned, and Isaly’s is proud to have earned it, decade after decade, with retailers who stock and display its products, and with consumers like you, who, for close to a century, have made those products family staples.

For everything you want to know about Isaly’s Original Chipped Chopped Ham and other deli and dairy products, including recipes, serving ideas, much more, browse this site.