The Isaly’s experience at Your Family Table

From our beginnings in the early 1900s, the Isaly family and its successors have pursued one mission: bringing deli and dairy products of consistent freshness, purity, and unbeatable flavor, made according to original Isaly’s recipes to your family table. We are best known for our “signature” products, Original Chipped Chopped Ham, Original BBQ sauce, and Old Fashioned Whitehouse Cherry Ice Cream. For everything you want to know about Isaly’s favorites, including recipes, fascinating history, and much more, browse this site.

Isaly’s Ice Cream is back!
Now available at your local grocery store.

I grew up in Kittanning, PA, a little town upriver from Pittsburgh. My parents had a furniture store and just around the block was an Isaly's. It was definitely the favorite place to go. Like everyone else, we loved the chipped ham and a chipped ham sandwich was my very favorite after school snack. My memory is drawn especially, though, to the selection of ice creams and the tall skyscraper cones. They were terrific and you could not find anything like them anywhere else. In 1960 we moved to Florida and after I married, my wife and I moved to Utah. But my roots are always in western Pennsylvania and among my treasured memories is Islay's. At the end of this month, my wife and I will be visiting Pittsburgh and Kittanning with my adult son. How I wish I could take them to an Isaly's!

Gary McKean Lawton, Utah

The unforgettable part of each shopping trip to downtown New Castle, PA with my Mom and my sister Mary Ann, was how each would end: with an Isaly's ice cream soda, or root beer float, or "just" an ice cream cone (oh, chocolate marshmallow, you are so missed!), and of course, mounds of chipped ham to go. Years later, I was lucky enough to get one of the most coveted apartments in Slippery Rock during my senior year there, on Main St. above the hardware store - with Isaly's right next door. Great friends, great apartment, and Isaly's at the bottom of the stairs. It just does not get any better than that!

Jeannette Passaretti Glendale, Arizona

This is my Isaly Dairy on our Community Train Display-Our annual new years eve tradition is a crock pot full of Isaly's BBQ Chip Chopped Ham & Sauce. We introduced all of our friends to it!

Roger Peterson north bloomfield Ohio

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